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Welcome to O'Hara Mill Homestead & Conservation Area 

Enjoy a wonderful experience while exploring the 85 acre Conservation Area which includes fifteen pioneer buildings, beautiful flower and vegetable gardens, nature trails, sheltered picnic areas and a  lovely mill pond with its stone dam and covered bridge.

Five of the original 11 pioneer buildings occupy the site along with additional buildings to represent the lifestyle of the past. These buildings have been restored by dedicated craftspeople and volunteers for the enjoyment of everyone and particularly for those who value the importance of preserving our heritage.

There's nothing quite like it........anywhere in Ontario!!




The day has come and gone but the memories will linger.  Thankyou to everyone that came out to enjoy the time together.


The weather was fantastic for an a day enjoyed by the crowds that gathered on the grass, to build scarecrows,  to play with their children, throw some eggs or coax their champion frogs to leap farther and faster and take wagon rides.  Musicians from as far away as Quebec came to join us, as folks gathered to listen. 

We invite you to share your memories, pictures of the day on our Facebook page!

O'Hara Mill Homestead and Conservation Area




Last year's lottery was a sellout!

We are hearing from people this year, who live out of town and would like to support O'Hara by purchasing a ticket for this year's lottery. 

Drop us a line at and we will let you know how!






















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