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Welcome to O'Hara Mill Homestead & Conservation Area  OM logo

Enjoy a wonderful experience while exploring the 85 acre Conservation Area which includes pioneer buildings, beautiful gardens, nature trails, sheltered picnic areas and a  lovely mill pond with its new dam and covered bridge.

Five of the original 11 pioneer buildings occupy the site along with additional buildings to represent the lifestyle of the past. These buildings have been restored by dedicated craftsmen and volunteers for the enjoyment of everyone and particularly for those who value the importance of preserving our heritage.

There's nothing quite like it........anywhere in Ontario!!


Check out "Machinery Restorations" at left

for progress on the Horse Sweep !!


Enjoying the early spring trails

Due to the deep snow pack to the north this past winter, there is a fair bit of water coming down Deer Creek during the month of April.  This includes areas north of the mill pond and also below the dam to the service entrance bridge. We ask that you exercise extra caution when anywhere near this fast flowing water, especially where children are concerned. The ice is now off the mill pond and there is just some patchy snow on the trails as of April 14.

Keep an eye out now for the first of the spring wild flowers, bloodroot & hipatica.

As always, enjoy the trails, use them at your own risk......and be safe.

Trail maps are usually available outside the Visitor Centre or can be downloaded or printed from

the "Gardens and Trails" page at the left

water through the dam

Water over the dam on April 19, 2014.

Spring flood waters had increased dramaticly in the last few days, crested on April 15 and has now returned to normal levels as of the 19th. Still pretty impressive!!


Maple syrup time

Sugaring 1800's

It's maple syrup time!! This is how the O'Haras did it in late 1800. There is a finishing pan in the shed, probably just north of today's Visitor Centre. Note the lack of snow that year!!

maple syrup 2010

O'Hara Volunteers making maple syrup in 2010. A local producer donated the sap and the use of the equipment & Volunteers did the work. Several gallons of syrup was made and sold that year in the Visitor Centre as a fundraiser.

Below is and old O'hara maple syrup bottle, circa1900, from our Museum House archives.

Old O'hara syrup bottle



O'Hara Mill Homestead and Conservation Area
























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