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Welcome to O'Hara Mill Homestead & Conservation Area  OM logo

Enjoy a wonderful experience while exploring the 85 acre Conservation Area which includes pioneer buildings, beautiful gardens, nature trails, sheltered picnic areas and a  lovely mill pond with its new dam and covered bridge.

Five of the original 11 pioneer buildings occupy the site along with additional buildings to represent the lifestyle of the past. These buildings have been restored by dedicated craftsmen and volunteers for the enjoyment of everyone and particularly for those who value the importance of preserving our heritage.

There's nothing quite like it........anywhere in Ontario!!


Several hundred people showed up on Saturday & Sunday for our annual 2014 Christmas event. The weather was perfect with just a dusting of snow on the ground. Here a large crowd are sitting around one of our big bonfires enjoying "Wrought Iron Roots" Singing several Christmas carols.  A big thankyou to every one who came and to all the Volunteers who made it possible.

Christmas at O'hara Mill 2014


For the latest updates on what's happening at O'Hara Mill, check out the "News and What's New" page at left or our Facebook link at the bottom of this page.

Also keep an eye on "Machine Restorations" for work being done over the winter on our donated vintage farm machinery.


 The grounds will remain open for the rest of the year, but buildings are now locked and closed up for the winter. Feel free to come wander around or take a hike on the trails. Our first two snow falls have melted away but you can be sure there will be more. It's very beautifull here in winter with all covered in a blanket of white.


Congratulations to all the winners of our first annual fundraiser lottery. All of the tickets were sold out and the proceeds will be put to good use in the maintenance and improvements at O'Hara Mill Homestead in 2015. Many thanks to everyone who participated.


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