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"Volunteers are Special People"

March 2015

Keeping O'Hara alive, vibrant and meeting the needs of people in the community, needs, above all, the support of people. If you are interested in providing support, the following is intended to help you decide how to make an informed decision, There are three ways to provide this support. Membership, Volunteering, becoming a Donor.   One can contribute in one, two or all three of the roles. 


A membership is for people who want to contribute to the overall management of O'Hara. It may be: voting for board members; or to propose/vote amendments to the constitution or bylaws or by standing for three year terms as a board member. 
Clarification of these activities and processes is provided in the Constitution

For a copy of the current Constitution Click Here.


Volunteering is for people who want to contribute their time, skills to support OHara in the four strategic areas of Assets, People, Marketing and Revenue Generation.  Volunteers. Without them O'Hara would not exist as it is today. Without them there would be no mill pond. The once busy saw mill and carpenter shop would lie collapsed in ruins to be washed away by the passing creek, There would be no music rolling through the woods on a hot summer's day, no big cast iron school bell for a child to ring, no fireplace around which to enjoy one another's company on a cold December evening, no trails to wander and catch a glimpse of an otter.

Is this something worth being involved with and providing to the community? We are volunteers and we think so!   If you do, we would certainly like to talk with you about how you can contribute and enjoy the rewards of volunteering at O'Hara.

Perhaps you have:
- organizational skills
- writing skills
- leadership experience
- retail know how
- computer skills
- construction with a knowledge of period style and methodologies
- experience in heritage crafting or skills
- gardening and landscaping
- fund raising experience
- training in handling of artifacts
- research skills
- advertising and promotions

Maybe just a desire to dress up in costume, talk and play!
We need all these (with maybe just a little bias to the running around in costumes thing)!

Want to learn more about volunteering at O'Hara?  For a copy of our "Volunteer Handbook" CLICK HERE or ask at our Visitors Centre. It will provide you with information about our history, how we are organized, work together, our facilities and services.

Still interested and want to take the next step? Then please let us know by introducing yourself and drop us an email. It will help make sure that together, we can put together a great volunteering opportunity for you.

Volunteer Application:

For a link to provide you with a way to introduce yourselves to us,



Being a sponsor is for those who want to contribute through donations of:

  • money
  • services (eg, professional, trades)
  • equipment and supplies; artifacts; goods and services

    Of note is that O'Hara is an incorporated, registered charity and tax receipts are available.  (See "Donations Info" for detail)

    At O'Hara the many donations are greatly appreciated.  To see a few of the wonderful donations   Click here.






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