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Geocaching at O’Hara Mill

 The O’Hara Mill Homestead offers a mix of history and high tech to those who have taken up geocaching or high tech treasure hunting, as it is sometimes called.  Bring your GPS and enjoy a day at the Mill.  There are two caches, one traditional and one multi, located within the conservation area.  There are two more within five kilometres. Note: Four new caches have been added in the spring of 2012.  Enjoy!!

You can get details at GeoCaching.com.  For your convenience, we have included links to the GeoCaching.com details pages for the caches noted above:

  • EOGCC002 – The O’Hara Mill by Ontario GPS Treasure Hunting (OGPSTH) (GCTDVC)
  • The Multi at the Mill by bushbabe (GC1HMFY) – this multi will take you on a tour of the buildings and out into the bush along the walking trails.  This multi was designed to enhance geocacher’s visits to this historic site.
  • Restin’ in O-Hara by Dragonflyexpress (GC1FN4D) – located at the nearby O’Hara Cemetary about 2.3 km away.
  • Miles Gilbert Legen TML #7 by Dragonflyexpress (GC1F7A0) – about 3.5 km from O’Hara Mill near the Tim Horton’s at the corner of Highways 7 and 62.

If you are really into geocaching, you could spend a day or even an entire weekend geocaching and enjoying all that the Madoc area has to offer.  There is lots to see and do, places to eat and places to stay – see Comfort Country for more information.  There are 14 geocaches within 10 km, including one at Ontario’s first gold mine about eight kilometres away, and 45 geocaches within 16 km of the O’Hara Mill Homestead.  See GeoCaching.com for details.

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